The Will of Jane Agnes Moore nee Breeks

Jane Agnes Moore was George Moore's second wife. She was the daughter of Richard Breeks of Westmorland and was born 30th April, 1833 and died some twelve years after her husband on 30th November, 1888, aged 55 years.  The Will is shown below alongside an attempt at transcription, it being difficult to decipher in places.


  Agnes Jane Moore

Be it known, that at the date hereunder written, the last Will and Testament as contained in paper writings marked A and B of Agnes Jane Moore late of Whitehall, Mealsgate, Carlisle in the County of Cumberland. Widow

deceased, who died on the 30th day of November 1888, at Whitehall aforesaid was proved and registered in the Principal Registry of the Probate Division of Her Majesty’s High Court of Justice, and that the Administration of the personal estate of the said deceased was granted by the aforesaid Court to William Percival of No. 32 Russell Street, Downing Street, Manchester in the County of Lancaster. Merchant, Elizabeth Weston of Ashbank, Penrith in the said County of Cumberland. Widow, the sister , and William Parkin of Whitehall, aforesaid Esquire (Grand Nephew of Testatrix's late Husband) the Executors named in the said Will-------they having been sworn well and faithfully to administer the same. Dated the 12th. day of January 1889

Gross value of Personal Estate £84,346 .. 15 .. 11

1. Resworn June 1889 £89346 .. 15.. 11 a&s (35,281a) 5000 8-88


This is the Last Will and Testament

of me Agnes Jane Moore of Whitehall in the County of Cumberland. Widow.

1 I appoint William Percival of Downing Street, Russell Road, Manchester, my Sister Elizabeth Weston and my late husband’s Grandnephew William Parkin to be Executrix and Trustees of this my Will and I give to the said William Percival the sum of Two hundred and fifty pounds, and to each of them the said, Elizabeth Weston and William Parkin One hundred pounds if they respectively act as such Executor or Executrix of this my Will.

2.I direct that I may be buried with my wedding ring on in the Mortuary Chapel at Allhallows Church near Whitehall aforesaid above the body of my late husband and I wish that of the funeral service may if possible be performed by the Revd. Dr. Percival of Rugby School and my Brother-in-law the Revd. Henry Chester.

I give to the said William Parkin all the silver plate and silver plated articles at Whitehall or stored away in Messieurs Copestake and Company’s Warehouses in Bow Church Yard in the City of London except such silver or silver plated articles as may be otherwise disposed of under this my Will and I also give him my Carriages and Carriage horses with the harness and accoutrements belonging thereof I also give to the trustees existing at my death of the Will of my late husband the portraits of myself and my said husband painted by G.J. Wills R.A. to be held by them upon the trusts in my said husbands said Will declared responding the articles which he therein decided were to be considered as heirlooms.

I give and bequests to each of the Servants who may be in my service at the time of my death six months wages in addition to what may then be due to him or her respectively and also a suitable supply of mourning to be chosen by my said Executors.

I give to my sister Elizabeth Weston Five thousand Pounds or in case they shall die in my lifetime then I give their said sum in equal proportions to my Nephew David Birdwood? Thomson, and my Niece Margaret Eleanor Thomson if they shall respectively survive me, and attain the age of twenty one years or if either of them die in my lifetime or under the age of twenty one then I give the whole sum of Five thousand pounds to the survivor of them.

I give to my Sister Mary Chester the sum of Five thousand pounds or in case she shall die in my lifetime then I give Two thousand five hundred pounds to her daughter Mary Delavel Blackett Ord.

I also give the following legacies Viz. To my Sister Eleanor Breeks, Fifty pounds- To each of the Sons of my late Brother Jame Wilkinson Breeks who shall survive me and attain the age of twenty one years, except the eldest of my said Brothers Sons who shall survive me or die in my lifetime leaving if??? who shall survive me Seven thousand pounds and to the daughter of my said Brother Three thousand pounds. To my said Nephew David Birdwood Thomson, Five thousand pounds. To my said Niece Margaret Eleanor Thomson One thousand pounds. To my said Niece Mary Delaval Blackett Ord One thousand pounds. To my Goddaughters Befoie? Percival daughter of the Reverand Dr. Percival of Rugby School, Five thousand pounds. To Edwin Bending of 11 York Place, Portman Sq.? Eight thousand pounds. To each of my Godchildren Lancelot Colledge, Agnes Burton, Agnes Parker of Warwick Hall, Carlisle, Thomas Edward Dent, Agnes Moore Flint, George Parez, George Frederick Hammick and ??feur Cavanagh Fifty pounds. To my Goddaughter Ella? Sieveking Two hundred pounds. To my Brother-in-law General David Thomson Five hundred pounds or in case he shall die in my lifetime I give the said sum to his wife Emily if she shall survive, or in case they both die in my lifetime then I give the said sum to their Child or Children who shall survive them and attain the age of twenty one years, if more than one it be divided equally between them. To James Parks Thomson of 3 Park Sq. West ?g?? ???. Three hundred pounds. To Henry Crawford Thomson, & Lieutenant Colonel Williams Thomson Five hundred pounds and I also bequeath for the said Henry Crawford Thomson the Correspondence of myself by Bonavia?. To Caroline Mary Cavanaugh Wife of Major Cavanaugh One hundred pounds. To the Revd. Alfred Mates Incumbent of Christchurch Ware Fifty pounds. To Edward Sidgwick of 18 Gresham Street in the City of London, One hundred pounds. To each of my late husbands Grandnieces Margaret Parkin and Eleanor Parkin, One hundred pounds. To Jane Lowes of Alpha near Wigton, One hundred pounds. To Maud Henderson of 4 Gladhow Gardens, Fifty pounds. To Ann Mary V???? of 34 De Here Gardens, Fifty pounds. To Samuel Hough my late husbands Secretary, Five hundred pounds. To John Penn of Mealsgate, Scripture Reader, Fifty pounds. To my Coachman Richard Geering, Fifty pounds. To the Widow of my late Gardener, George Potter, Twenty five pounds. To my Maid Sophia Blackman, Fifty pounds. To my Gardener John Potter, Twenty five pounds. To my Butler John Hodgson, Ten pounds. To Mary Litt, Nursemaid, Ten pounds. To my late Cook, Maria Adams, Ten pounds. I also give to my Trustees the sum of One thousand pounds to be applied by them to increase the income of the living of Christ Church, Somers Town, either by investing the same in the names of the Vicar and Churchwardens for the time being in any of the securities hereinafter authorised or by applying the said sum in any other manner that my trustees may think most likely to promote the end I have in view. I also give One thousand pounds to the trustees of the George Moore Education Trust, Carlisle to be held by them Upon Trust to invest the same in any of the securities in which Trust monies belong to the said Trust, may be legally invested with power to the Trustees to vary the investments at their discretion. And upon further trust to pay or apply the whole or any portion at their discretion of the income thereof to or for the benefit of any one or more Exhibitioner or Exhibitioners of the said Trust during his or their residence as an Undergraduate or Undergraduates at Oxford or Cambridge or any other University in England, with power to accumulate any income not so applied but with power to report in any subsequent year to any such accumulations for the purpose aforesaid. I also give the sum of Five hundred pounds to the George Moore Memorial Hall, Mealsgate in the County of Cumberland and I declare that the receipt of the President for the time being of the said Institution shall be a good and sufficient discharge to my Executors for the said legacy. I give to the Herial persons mentioned in an Inventory which I have prepared and which is endorsed “Invitatory of Specific Bequests to accompany Mrs Moore’s Will” and signed by her the several articles which shall appear by the said Inventory to be intended for them respectively if they shall respectively be living at my death and I bequest all the furniture, pictures, china, books, plate, linen, wines and all other household and personal effects belonging to me at my death and not otherwise disposed of to my Nephew Richard William Breeks if he shall survive me and attain the age of twenty one years, or if he die in my lifetime or under the age of twenty one years than to the eldest son of my Brother James Wilkinson Breeks who shall survive me and attain the age of twenty one years, or if no son of my said Brother shall survive me and attain the age of twenty one years as beforesaid then I bequest the last mentioned effects to the daughter if only one, or to all the daughters in equal shares if more than one of my same Brother who shall survive me and attain the age of twenty one years. I devise the Toll House called Cockbridge Toll House with the appurtenances which was lately purchased by me from the trustees of the Turnpike Road running from Carlisle to Cockermouth to the persons or person who at the time of my death shall be the Trustees or Trustee of the Will of my late husband George Moore to be held by them Upon the Trusts declared in his said Will in respect of the lands and hereditaments referred to by him in his said Will as “my said Cumberland Estates”  I give devise and bequeath all my Real estate if any, and, also all my personal estate of what nature or kind so ever not hereby otherwise disposed of unto my Trustees Upon Trust to sell my said real estate if any, and if I have any leasehold estate of which I may die possessed and to call in and convert into money my other personal estate or such part thereof as shall not convert of money and after payment of my debts and Funeral and Testamentary expenses and the several legacies hereinbefore mentioned do and shall stand, possessed of the said residuary Trust Estate Upon Trust for the eldest son for my said Brother James Wilkinson Breeks who shall survive me and attain the age of twenty one years and in case no son of my said Brother James Wilkinson Breeks shall survive me and attain the age of twenty one years as aforesaid then upon Trust for such person or persons as shall at my death or the death of the last surviving Son of my said Brother whichever shall last happen be my next of kin. I declare that if any child of my said Brother James Wilkinson Breeks or my said Nephew David Birdwood Thomson or either of my Nieces Margaret Eleanor Thomson and Mary Delavell Blackett Ord shall die in my lifetime leaving a child or children who shall survive me and being a Son or Sons shall attain the age of twenty one years, or being a daughter or daughters shall attain that age or marry then and in every such case the last mentioned child or children shall take (and if more than one equally between them) the legacy and share in the said residuary Trust funds or the legacy only as the case may be to which his her or their parent would have been entitled if such parent had survived me and attained the age of twenty one years. I direct that all capital moneys or accumulations of income for the time being held by the Trustees Trustee of this my Will under any of the trusts or provisions thereof may be invested by them or him in or upon any stocks funds or securities of or Guaranteed by the Government of the United Kingdom or any British Colony or Dependency or in Stocks or the Bank of England or the Debentures or Debenture Stocks or Guaranteed or Guaranteed? Stock or Shares of any Railway or other Company in Great Britain or India incorporated by Act of Parliament or Royal Grant and paying a dividend on its ordinary Stock or Shares or upon ???? or leasehold securities in England or Wales but not elsewhere such as old securities being held for a reason? whereof? Sixty years at last shall be unexpired? at that time of such investment. And in lending money on any Mortgage Security my Trustees may accept whatsoever Title or evidence of title may appear to them sufficient. And in particular in the case of leasehold securities waive the production of the ?????? title without being answerable for any loss arising thereof and my Trustees may release any part of the property comprised in any Mortgage security if satisfied that the remaining property is a sufficient security for the money owing thereon. I empower my Trustees to apply the whole or any part of the annual income of the share for which each or any infant legatee would if of the age of twenty one years be absolutely entitled in possession under this my Will for or towards the maintenance or education or otherwise for the benefit of such legatee during minority or at the discretion of my Trustees to pay the same to the parent or Guardian of such legatee and the unapplied income if any shall be accumulated as my Trustees shall think proper and the accumulations shall be liable to be applied in manner aforesaid and subject thereto shall form part of the share whence the income arose. I declare that all the legacies bequeathed by this my Will shall be paid free of legacy duty which shall be born by my residuary estate. I declare that the expression my Trustees used by me throughout this my Will shall be deemed to include the trustees or trustee for the time being of this my Will. In witness thereof I have to this and five proceeding sheets of paper by my hand this sixth day of April One thousand eight hundred and eighty eight- Agnes Jane Moore-signed by the said Agnes Jane Moore in the presence of us both present at the same time and attested and subscribed by us in her presence - Alf Newble Clark to Phelps, Sidgwick & Biddle Solicitors 18 Gresham Street, London E.C. - Newton Spyer, Chemist & Druggists 1 Lancaster Gate, Hyde Park W.

“B”         April 6. 1888

I rewrite these bequests W. Parkin- The old oriental Napoleon Dinner Service bought at Prince Napoleon’s Sale. I think for £150 - G. Moore’s Watch guard, gold pencil, Studs etc. of G.M. Black Casket silver rimmed Containing an address From Warehousemen, Charles Condolence - The large carved Cupboard English Work Carved in India, brought from K.P.G. library, W.P. to have 2 Ivory cherubs from Alton Towers. Lucy Cranage if married to W.P. to have the old Queen Adelaide China now in the Tortoiseshell Buhl Cabinet. Also 1 of the Buhl Cabinets. Eleanor Parkin-My Silver Chatelaine with 3 Chairs - Photo coloured of George Moore in a leather case, my old dressing case - Silver tops with ? J. Bon. Margaret Parkin - My writing desk in leather case - Cameras from Rome by Sauline of 4 G.M. & myself - Worktable (Japanese) in my bedroom & Japanese tea caddy given me after Mr. Barnes death. Mary Chester my or in case of her death before me for her daughter Delia - The Italian Landscape by Müllerd - Cypress & Terraced Garden - D. Cox Jun. - Tree picture in drawing room & study of Holbeck. The peacock quilt worked by Miss Dykes - All the blue nankin? China in drawing room. Revd. T.H. Chester - The 3 Oriental silver cups which he thinks are Sacramental Vessels. Mary Chester continued - The gilt Chalice from The Hague (now in No. C.Y. Boxes) for Henry Chester this is - Any water colours of mine that are framed - My Sable Fur, large Emerald & Diamond ring I bought Lady Hastings. To M.D. Blackett Ord - My Diamond bracelet bought in Paris 1876 - My little Signet Ring with M? on - The round esrtree? Silver dish from Miss Dent (gryphon Crest on) & Miss Dents beautiful Indian Cashmere shawl - 1 Ivory Chair from Alton Towers - 1 black Ebony Chair. For Elizabeth Weston if Elizabeth dies before me these things are to be for M. E. Thomspon - The photos and drawings in my bedroom. All the books which are in the two book cases sunk in the wall in the library, these were my special books & companions on many solitary hours - Elizabeth Weston - My Diamond (engaged ring) all the new linen, Blankets etc. belonging to me, & damask Curtain from Mr. Reeve. & everything in the Tower linen Cupboard near Blue Room - Cherry Quilt (embroidered quilt with M in centre in Red) 2 little Salt Cellars, one Grandmothers, 1 plain silver teapot black handled oval from Hunt & Roskell? 1870,  quite plain - 1 plated Teakettle & Stand & spirit lamp. My Davenport in bedroom & long letter to be burnt unread - I know I can trust her. The imitation Queen Adelaide China now in the Cupboards in the passage, it will be known by the Copeland mark on it - The farmyard picture in the drawing room by S. Taylor, Peacock, duets? ?? ?? ??- The breakfast Service blue from Dresden, 1 Buhl Cupboard in which China. Margaret E. Thomson- Diamond Ornament & Pearls, in case, Coral Ornaments, 2 Diamond Stars, ½ of Brussells lace. D. Birdwood Thomson - Large Ivory Chalice, lined with silver Gilt from Lord Kilmauries Sale - 3 Silver Caddies in tea caddy Case, time of George 3 - now at Whitehall. 4 Seasons by Burne-Jones - the book Cases and books from K.P.G. now in passage to drawing room - The Scotts are valuable. To Eleanor Breeks - My Sister The Sapphire & Diamond Marquise ring, my ivory backed brushes & everything for Toilet of ivory. Dr. Percival of Rugby - Water colour picture of the Greta by Birket Foster. 1 of D. Cox Jun. Sketches of Whitehall from portfolio - To Bessie Percival, the small oil of Surees Innesfallen by Creswick. Edwin Bending now of 11 York Place. The drawing of Roses in drawing room by Miss Mubrie?? - The small teapot, squarish with vicular? Medallions of flowers on with a stand from Willoughby Deresby’s Sale the Duell? He gave me from the Edinburgh Exhibition-6 gold Candlesticks or rather silver gilt - now in case - Candle Lamp - 4 Waggons for passing Wine about table - plated- 1 Russian Nobleman which we used for parties at K.P.G. 2 of D. Cox Jun.: Sketches of Whitehall or neighbourhood from portfolio. Mrs. W. Percival to have the pendant (old fashioned) with black & circled with pearls brought from Paris 1876 W’ {Lina Breeks - ½ my lace- The use of my Diamond necklace & cross? Till the eldest surviving Brother marries, then it is to be an heirloom in the Breeks family - a small gold locket with head? Fathers likeness he gave to me in 1860] ? R. Breeks my Nephew, pictures not otherwise disposed of- wine. The books are nearly all mine-but there are lists, some of them the Sisters are to give away as they choose. 2 Large ornamental Jugs plated, 4 Decanter Stands beautifully ornamented - The Ancient pegged Silver Tankard with Coin in the cover-- from Hastings Collection bought in 1863. The China not otherwise disposed of - ?Richmond’s portraits of G. & me to be heirlooms. Mrs. Stracey - to have 3 Chelsea figures Shepherds & Shepherdess in Tortoise shell cupboards. Lady Lawson to have the Silver Chatelaine brought from the Siege of Paris. Annie Osborne to have Bluthner piano the Cup carved out of Ivory from International Exhibition: Chinese in case lined with blue satin. Grace Hammick-nee Longman, My Green Cloisonné Crop & gold necklace to white fasteners.  Ella Ireveking?? 2 of Old David Cox’s drawings now in library. My black locket with diamond in middle of enamel- with G.M’s likeness in. Grace Osborne. To have the Wordsworth’s bound in red, in my bedroom, & Darte? in blue. To my Sisters and Executors- When you read this I shall be far away but I know you will all agree easily to divide the above things -- Knowing that I wish it & wish the remainder of my personal clothes, jewels, set of Art Chair backs-if any value, photos etc. to be divided among my Sisters asking them to give Jane Thomson, Sarah Dalton, Mrs. Rooks, Mrs. Jane Foster, Lady Henderson, Maud & Mabel Henderson, Evelyn Abbott, Bunnie C., Mrs. C. Ray, Mrs Sieveking?, Mrs Percival of Rugby, Mrs. Oates, Lady Hope Grant, Mrs. Saphir, Mrs. Harris, Mrs Schrilbben, Mrs. Goodwin & each of the Servants some slight remembrance of me & Mr. Moore, Book, Sketch, Laces, drawings, (I wish the Portfolio of D. Cox drawings to be divided amongst my 3 sisters, after those drawings specially mentioned have been given away. I do not bind myself not to have given away some of the above small things in my lifetime) but feel sure that my Executors, Sisters & Nephews will be glad of above as indicating my wishes & will if able to carry them out. I thank you all for the trouble you will have taken & hope all will think kindly of me.

Agnes Jane Moore    April 6th 1888

On the 12th January 1889 Probate of this Will (as contained in paper writings marked “A” and “B” I was granted to William Percival, Elizabeth Weston Widow and William Parkin Esquire the Executors.

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