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#1 Richard Dawkins is holder of The Charles Simonyi Chair of The Public Understanding of Science.

#2 Nicholas A. Sokalov was the official investigator into the alleged murder of Nicholas II. He was given the role in 1919 by the White Russian Government and published his conclusions in book form in 1924/25.

#3 The thylacine is a marsupial, presumed to have been exterminated as a result of human activity.

#4 Some commentators have portrayed George Moore's story, rather romantically, as one of rags to riches. He certainly became enormously wealthy. However, given his inheritance and the parental support he received, it can hardly be claimed that he started out as a pauper but rather a person of modest means.

#5 At this time, hospitals existed for the cure of diseases and not for the accommodation of those who could not be cured.

#6 The purpose of the Association was to assist disabled porters and provide for widows and orphans in the even of their death.

#7 Westminster Abbey has since acknowledged this error and undertaken to correct it on the website.

#8 In September 1870 the Germans besieged Paris. This lasted until an armistice on 28th January 1871 after which George Moore and his party were the first in to the city with food for the starving citizens. See Appendix III

#9 See Appendix IV

#10 Angel dust is the street name for the psychoactive hallucinatory drug phencyclidine, commonly known as PCP.

#11 Diane Blood fromWorksop in Nottinghamshire sadly lost her husband, Stephen, to meningitis in 1995. Semen was taken from her husband prior to his death whilst he was comatose on a life support machine and preserved. For ethical reasons, essentially that there was no proof of her late husband's consent, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority ruled that doctors in UK could not legally inseminate Mrs. Blood with her late husband's sperm. Subsequently, in 1998 the Court of Appeal ruled that, under European Law, she had the right to use the sperm. She had IVF treatment in Belgium and had a child, Liam, born in December 1998. At the time of writing, Mrs. Blood is again pregnant, once more by the posthumous use of her late husband's sperm.

#12 AID is Artificial Insemination by Donor.

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