Extracts from the Minute Book transcribed by Mick Jane

George Moore Memorial Hall


January 22nd 1889

Meeting of the Committee.

Present. Messrs. Martin, Potter, Penn, Barnes, Elliott, Lattimer, Walker and Williamson.

Newspapers. Yorkshire Post to be obtained.

Repairs. Certain repairs being required. The Committee asked Mr. Lattimer to submit an approximate statement of laying the Caretakers Room Floor with Tiles; also of boarding the Walls around the Lecture Room.

Resolved. That steps be taken to have a Public Tea and Entertainment, to increase the interest of the Members, and that Mr. W. Lawson be requested to give his Entertainment.

There being several complaints made respecting the frequent use of the Large Room.

Resolved. That permission to use the Large Room be obtained of the Committee.

Mr. Elliott’s suggestion relative to something to put in the Lecture Hall in memory of the late Mrs. George Moore was considered.

Tom P. Martin.


April 1st 1889

Committee Meeting held after the Quarterly Meeting.

Present. Messrs. Martin, M. Barnes, Elliott, Penn, Potter and Walker.

An application from Jas. Tate asking for information how the Band of Hope Choir can obtain permission to have a practice was fully considered, when it was:-

Resolved. That the Committee are of the opinion that there is no Band of Hope Choir in existence, and that we hereby authorize the Secretary to grant the newly formed United Choir permission to practise in the Large Room.

The Quarterly Meeting showed a better attendance and more interest was displayed by the Members present.

Tom P. Martin


May 6th 1889

Committee Meeting held May 6th 1889.

Present. Messrs. Martin, Barnes, Penn, Reay, Walker, Elliott and Lattimer.

Minutes of the last Meeting read and confirmed.

Repairs. Resolved. That the Roof and walls of the West Side be examined by H. Walker, also that Mr. Lattimer lay the Kitchen Floor with Tiles without delay, and put a Chimney Pot on Wash House Chimney.

The Sunday School teachers ask permission to fix a collecting Box at the entrance to the Large Room.

Mr. M. Barnes asked permission to hold a Tea & Public Meeting in connection with the Co-Operative Society. Granted.

A deputation was admitted from the Band of Hope Choir respected their practices.

Resolved. That the Band of Hope Choir be allowed to practice one evening each week in the Large Room on the understanding that they render assistance at the Band of Hope Meetings; and also to assist generally at any other Temperance Meetings, when possible.

Mr. Parkin Moore, Esq. having expressed a desire to have the Religious Services held in the Hall, free and undinominational.

After considering the question the Committee agreed to let the two ministers be acquainted with the subject, and to receive them as a deputation at the next Meeting, also to have Mr. Parkin Moore’s views and offers submitted to the Committee.

Tom P. Martin


June 17th 1889

Committee Meeting. Present. Messrs. Martin, Reay, Penn, Lattimer, Wilkinson, Potter, Barnes, Elliott and Walker.

The Rev. T. Stowe, and Mr. Robert Martin were present as a deputation to represent the Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists relative to the suggested changes in the Religious Services Etc.

After a lengthy and divisive conversation, the following resolution was proposed by Mr. Matthew Barnes and seconded by Mr. William Elliott, and unanimously carried:-

That the Committee do accept the offer of Mr. W. Parkin Moore to rent the Lecture Room for Religious purposes as held further to by the Wesleyans and Primitive Methodists. The Rent to be at the rate of £8 per annum. It is understood that Mr. W. P. Moore gives the Wesleyan & Primitive Methodists liberty to have use of the Lecture Room for their Sunday Afternoon Services, and also for their usual Week-night Meetings, except when it is required for Special Mission Services.

The Sunday School to be worked as hitherto, but the undenominational and to be known in future as the "Memorial Hall Sunday School."

The name of the Sunday school was left over for further consideration.

Tom P. Martin


June 24th 1889

Committee Meeting held

Present. Messrs. Martin, Barnes, Penn, Lattimer, Walker, Elliott and Wilkinson.

Several a/cs were submitted for payment and passed.

The Committee being informed that a deputation from the Sunday School was present. The following were admitted, Mr. M. Tate, Mr. Tate and Mr. Graham. After a protracted hearing, they were informed by the Chairman that the name of the Sunday School would have to undergo a change, and that the Teachers would assist the Committee by suggesting a name they would give it their most favourable consideration.

The other business of the Committee was to be deferred.

Tom P. Martin, Chairman.

July 1st 1889

Committee Meeting held.

Present. Messrs- Martin, Lattimer, Penn, Potter, Walker, Barnes and Elliott.

A statement of a/cs was prepared for the Quarter Meeting..

Attendance at Quarterly Meeting small.

The Committee asked Mr. Lattimer to submit a tender for the wainscoting of the Lecture Room.

Tom P. Martin


July 12th 1889

Committee Meeting held.

Present. Messrs- Martin, Lattimer, Barnes, Penn, Walker, Elliott and Wilkinson.

A communication received from the Sunday School Teachers containing the following resolution,-"That we do not change the name of the Sunday School" was read.

After due consideration the following resolutions were passed.

1- That the Sunday School be called the Memorial Hall Sunday School.

2- That the change of name of the Sunday School take effect from the 28th July 1889.

3- That the Superintendent and Teachers of the Sunday School be asked to undertake the Management of the School as hitherto.

After the name as per Resolution No.1 had been inserted in the Resolution of the 17th Mr. Matthew Barnes desiring to withdraw his name as mover of it, Mr. William Elliott now moved it and Mr. Lattimer seconded when the resolution was carried as amended.

The Committee next considered how the Institution could be made more generally useful.

The following resolution was moved by Mr. Penn, and seconded by Mr. Lattimer and unanimously carried:-

That in future youths from 13 to 18 years of age be admitted to the Institution, free of charge, by ticket to be obtained from the Secretary. The Tickets to be renewed at each Quarterly Meeting. The Committee retaining the power of withdrawing or with holding any ticket in case of misconduct.

The suggested repairs were then considered, and the Secretary instructed that Mr. Mark, Wigton, and Mr. Hodgson, Aspatria to submit tenders for the Painting etc.

Mr. Lattimer submitted his tender for the wainscoting. The same was accepted and he undertook to have it finished within three weeks from this date.

Tom P. Martin


August 15th 1889

Committee Meeting.

Present. Messrs- Martin, Penn, Lattimer, Wilkinson, Sansom, Barnes and Elliott.

Tenders. On examination of the Tenders for the Painting etc submitted. Mr. Marks was accepted.

The Sunday School. Resolved. That as the Teachers had failed to attend regularly the Superintendent Mr. M. Barnes, and the Secretary, J. Penn were requested to procure a staff considered sufficient to carry the Sunday School on.

Tom. P. Martin


August 14th 1889

Committee Meeting held.

Present. Messrs- Martin, Barnes, Elliott, Penn, Lattimer, Walker, Wilkinson and Sansom.

The following Sunday School Teachers were also present by invitation to meet the Committee. M. Tate, T. Tate, M. Tate, S. Tate and T. Reay. The conditions of affairs were talked over at some length. It was afterwards agreed that a set of Rules be drawn up for the management of the Sunday School in the future, and that the same be submitted to the Committee and the Teachers at an early date.

Tom P. Martin


August 22nd 1889

Committee Meeting held.

Present. Messrs- Martin, Barnes, Penn, Elliott, Lattimer, Sansom, Walker, Potter and Wilkinson.

The following Sunday School Teachers were also present. Messrs. M. Tate,

T. Tate, M. Tate, S. Tate and T. Reay.

The following Rules were read over for consideration of the Joint consideration of the Committee and the Teachers present.

Proposed Rules for the Management of the "Memorial Hall Sunday School."

For the purpose of putting the Sunday School into working order on the new footing, the Committee propose the following Rules. Viz:-

That in the first place they (the Memorial Hall Committee) should appoint the Superintendent and other officers and also the staff of Teachers.

That the future Management of the School be vested in a Joint Committee consisting of six Members by and from the Teachers.

The Chairman of the Joint Committee to be appointed by the Memorial Hall Committee.

That the Superintendent, Secretary and Treasurer be appointed annually on a date during the week following the Anniversary.

That the whole of the internal management of the School be carried on by the Superintendent for the time being, but the appointing of additional Teachers to rest with the Joint Committee.

That any question regarding the Management of the School may be brought before the Joint Committee on a requisition-signed by three Teachers or Members of the Joint Committee-being sent to the Secretary.

The Teachers present respectively declined to comply with the said Rules.

Resolved. That Mr. Matthew Barnes be appointed the Superintendent.

Tom P. Martin.


September 2nd 1889

Committee Meeting held.

Present. Messrs- Martin, Lattimer, Walker, Penn, Potter and Elliott.

The Custodian having tendered his resignation which was accepted.

Applications for Custodian to be received by any of the Committee up to Friday evening the 6th inst.

Lecturers. A list of names was made out to be requested to deliver lectures during the forthcoming Winter.

Quarterly Meeting. To be held Sept. 30th at 7 o’clock.

Resolved. That the application of Mr. Atkinson for sale of goods be not entertained.

The Committee agreed to meet on Friday Evening the 6th inst. to appoint a Custodian.

Tom P. Martin.


September 6th 1889

Committee Meeting held.

Present. Messrs.- Martin, Lattimer, Penn, Barnes, Wilkinson, Potter, Samson and Walker.

Applications for Custodian were received from J. Simpson, R. Ashbridge, & J. Lancaster. J. Simpson received five votes and was therefore elected as Custodian.

The Secretary called the attention of the Committee to the Band of hope. No Meetings having been held for several weeks back, the Secretary was instructed to call the attention of the President to the same.

At the suggestion of Mr. Elliott the following was agreed to. The Secretary to make enquiries relative to obtaining a Cast to the one already in the Lecture Hall, of the late George Moore.

Tom P. Martin


September 16th 1889

Committee Meeting held.

Present. Messrs.- Martin, Lattimer, Penn, Barnes, Wilkinson, Elliott, Walker and Potter.

New Lamps. Resolved. That 4 new lamps to agree as nearly as possible with those already in use in the Lecture Room be purchased.

Correspondence. Letters were read from Mrs. Weston, and Mr. John Adams Acton relative to a Cast of the Bust of the late Mrs. Moore.

It was unanimously agreed that the Cast of the late Mrs. George Moore be obtained from Mr. John Adams Acton.

The reply from the President of the Band of hope was read together with the letter sent by the Secretary. The Chairman submitted a letter in reply to the Committee for approval, when the Secretary was instructed to copy and forward to the President.

Accounts. The Secretary handed a cheque for £19.0.5 from Mr. Parkin Moore which covered the whole of the a/cs up to June 24th.

Tom P. Martin


September 30th 1889

Committee Meeting held. Preparatory to the Halfyearly Meeting and the election of three Members on the Committee.

The following nominations were received.

Matthew Barnes. S. Sansom. John Walker.

John Pattinson William Tate.

After the Financial Statement was submitted and the other business was gone through, the election was taken up with the following results.

Matthew Barnes

John Pattinson Elected 21 votes

S. Sansom Elected 18 votes

Wm. Tate

John Walker Elected 20 votes

Tom P. Martin


October 14th 1889

Committee Meeting held.

Present. Messrs.- Martin, Potter, Penn, Elliott, Walker, Sansom, and Lattimer.

Arrangements completed for the Lectures. W. Elliott and J. Potter undertake to look after the seats.

Ambulance Class The date and hour to be fixed by Dr. Briggs.

The Bust of late Mrs. Moore. As soon as a definite reply is received from Mr. Adams Acton the Committee to meet to complete the arrangements.

Tom P. Martin


November 25th 1889

Committee Meeting held.

Present. Messrs.- Martin, Walker, Potter, Penn, Sansom and Lattimer.

The Unveiling of the Bust. Mr. Martin to take the Chair. Sir Wilfred Lawson to be invited to unveil the Bust. Dr. Briggs, Rev. C.H. Gem and Mr. Dalton to be invited to take part in the Meeting. Date December 10th at 7pm.

Tom P. Martin


December 30th 1889

Committee Meeting held.

Present. Messrs.- Martin, Penn, Potter, Walker, Lattimer, Sansom, Wilkinson and Elliott.

Financial Statement prepared to submit to the Quarterly Meeting. A good attendance of the Members. A deeper interest was manifested in the business.

Tom P. Martin.


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