Extracts from the Minute Book transcribed by Mick Jane

George Moore Memorial Hall


February 4th 1887

Committee Meeting.

Present. Messrs. Martin, Elliott, Barnes, Penn, Barnes, Walker and Bland.

Lectures. Letter from Mr. Lawson fixing February 26th for his lecture.

Mr. Dalton promising to take the Chair.

Application for use of the Lecture Room.

Resolved. That the application be granted.

Resolved. That the repairs required be attended without delay.

Tom P. Martin


March 28th 1887

Committee held preparatory to holding the Yearly Meeting. The only business to transect was the submitting of the Statement of a/cs. to be presented to the Members at the General Meeting.

Attendance fairly good.

Tom P. Martin.


July 4th 1887

Committee met before the Quarterly Meeting of the Members. There was no business to transact with the exception of certain matters pertaining to the forthcoming Flower Show.

The Meeting of the Members was not very numerous.

Tom P. Martin


No Meeting in August. The attention of the Committee given solely to the Flower Show.

September 5th 1887

Members present. Messrs. Martin, Barnes, Penn and Elliott.

Resolved. That the repairs necessary to be attended to by Mr. Lattimer with as little delay as possible.

Quarterly Meeting and election of three Members on Committee, Sept. 27th.

Lectures to be invited. The Bishop of Carlisle, Dr. Webb, Revds. J.C. Christie, Gem, Nairn, Dr. Webb, Briggs.

Tom P. Martin


September 27th 1887.

Halfyear Meeting held.

The Committee met previously to prepare a Financial Statement to be submitted to the Members at the General Meeting.

A good attendance of Members present.

Election of three Members on the Committee.

The three retiring Members, Messrs. Martin, Bland and Lattimer were nominated, also John Potter and John Pattinson, Senr.

The following shows the result of the election.

Jno. Potter received 20 votes

T. P. Martin " 19 votes

W. Lattimer " 9 votes

Jno. Pattinson " 6 votes

Jas. Bland " 5 votes

The three first on the list were declared elected.

Tom P. Martin


November 7th 1887

Committee met at Seven o’clock pm.

Present. Messrs. Martin, Elliott, Penn, Walker, Reay, Potter and Wilkinson.

This being the first meeting of the new Committee Mr. T.P. Martin was re-elected Chairman, and Mr. Jno. Potter, Treasurer.

Lectures. The offer of the Rev. James Christie of Carlisle was accepted for the 25th November. Subject, "Notes on Italy."

Mr. Jos. Wilkinson and Mr. Wm. Elliott undertook to take charge of the tickets in connection with the Lectures.

Repairs. Mr. Lattimer was to be requested to complete the repairs still required within the next fortnight from this date.

Resolved. That Wm. Henry Walker be instructed to attend to any repairs required on the Roof of the Building etc.

Tom P. Martin


December 5th 1887

Ordinary Meeting of the Committee.

Present. Messrs. Barnes, Elliott, Penn, Lattimer, Reay and Walker.

In the absence of Mr. Martin it was agreed that Mr. Barnes take the Chair.

Repairs. The repairs ordered at the last Meeting not having been attended to by Mr.Lattimer, he now promised to have the Door Spring replaced within the next fortnight.

Resolved. That the offer of Dr. Cranage to deliver a lecture in the month of January be accepted. He to fix a date.

Resolved. That Mr. Lattimer supply a Riddle and have it fitted up for taking the Cinders out of the Ashes, to be burned in the Fireplace again.

Tom P. Martin (Note- Mr. Barnes was in the Chair)


December 27th 1887

Committee Meeting held preparatory to the General Quarterly Meeting.

Present. Messrs. Martin, Penn, Potter, Barnes, Elliott and Lattimer.

A Statement of a/cs. for Quarter was prepared for submission to the General Meeting.

The General Meeting was fairly well attended.

After which the Committee resumed their Meeting.

Resolved. That the Newspapers and Magazines be obtained through Mr. McMechan.

An application was made to have a Motto Text put up above the Platform.

Resolved. That permission be granted to put it up temporarily .

Resolved. That owing to the complaints about the Lecture Room being cold, immediate steps be taken to have the Room warm.

The Secretary reported that the Bishop of Carlisle had consented to give his lecture in January; also the Wilfred Lawson, Esq. had kindly consulted to deliver a lecture, and Mr. G. Bell, of Wigton.

Tom P. Martin.


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