Extracts from the Minute Book transcribed by Mick Jane

George Moore Memorial Hall


February 2nd 1885.

Only business before the Committee the unsettled a/cs. in connection with the Flower Show.

It was also decided to call the Committee of Flower Show together as soon as possible were all in.

March 2nd 1885

Ordinary Meeting of Committee present. Messrs. Martin, Penn, Bland, Lattimer and J. Potter.

Several repairs required were referred to Mr. Lattimer’s immediate attention.

Mr. J. Potter reported that Mr. Lawson who had been ill hoped to have a statement of a/cs ready to submit to the General Committee in the course of about a fortnight. Agreed that the General Committee be convened a fortnight hence.

Tom P. Martin


March 29th 1885.

Committee Meeting held preparatory to the Yearly Meeting. Statement of a/cs was submitted to Committee and approved.

The following appointments were made on the Committee to the vacancies occasioned by the removal of Mr. Joseph Banks and the death of Mr. P. Lawson- T. Jackson appointed in place of Mr. Banks and Mr. John Hodgson in place of Mr. P. Lawson.

The Yearly Meeting was held. Mr. Martin in the Chair.

The Chairman moved a vote of Condolence to Mrs. Potter and Miss Lawson. The Secretary seconded the vote which was carried unanimously.

After the statement of a/cs was submitted to the Meeting and adopted, the papers for the following Quarter were selected with some slight changes, and afterwards sold.

The attendance was good.

Tom P. Martin


May 4th 1885

Committee Meeting held on May 4th 1885.

Present. Messrs. Martin, Penn, Potter, Bland, Jackson and M. Barnes and Lattimer.

Application for the use of the Room for a Magic Lantern Exhibition. Views on America. Granted.

The Librarian reported that a few vols. Were in need of repair. Resolved. That they be sent to Mr. Moss, Carlisle for rebinding.

Also that the Monthly Nos. of Chambers Journal and Good Words be sent at the same time for binding.

Mr. M. Barnes was requested to speak to the children attending Sunday School and Band of Hope Meetings and caution them against trespassing upon and breaking down the Hedges belonging to the M.& C. Rail; Co.

Resolved that the Halfyearly Meeting of the Members & Committee be held on the 29th Inst.

Tom P. Martin.


June 29th 1885.

The Quarterly Meeting was held. The attendance was fairly good and the Papers sold in the usual way.

The Committee met afterwards, but there was no business of importance.

It was agreed that unless something of importance to call the Committee together it was agreed that they do not meet again till after the Flower Show.

Tom P. Martin.

August 28th 1885.

A Meeting of the Flower Show Committee was held. A good attendance. Payment was made for all the Prize Tickets sent in.

The Committee of Management nearly all present agreed that the General Half Yearly Meeting be held on Monday 28th Sept. When in addition to the ordinary business an election to fill up the vacancies of the three retiring Members of Committee . Steps to be taken to complete the business of the Flower Show by that date.

Tom P. Martin.

September 28th 1885

Ordinary Meeting of the Committee to receive the Halfyearly Statement of a/cs. to be submitted to the General Meeting of the Members. Also to arrange for the election of three Members who retire from the Committee according to the Rule.

At the General Meeting a fair attendance of the Members present. Mr. Martin presiding and conducting the business. A letter was read from Mrs. G. Moore inviting the married Members and their wives and the unmarried to meet her at tea in the Hall on the 8th October, and also for an Evenings Entertainment.

Election. Four nominations as follows:- Wm. Elliott, J. Penn, J. Potter and Jos.Wilkinson.

Each qualified Member present being supplied with a voting paper and when collected and combined showed the following result.

J. Penn 15 votes.

Wm. Elliott 14 votes.

J. Potter 13 votes.

Jos. Wilkinson 13 votes.

Another ballot being taken the result was as follows:-

Jos. Wilkinson 13 votes. J. Potter 8 votes.

Jos. Wilkinson was therefore declared a Member of the Committee.

The Committee as now constituted afterwards met when J. Penn was again appointed Secretary to the Committee.

Lectures for the Winter Course. The Secretary was instructed to write to the following gentlemen:-

Mr. Thompson, Maryport. Mr. Bailey, Carlisle. Rev. C.H. Gem. Rev. E. Curwen, Plumbland. The Bishop of Carlisle. The Dean of Carlisle etc. Mr. Vallance was also asked his terms for giving one of his Entertainments in Fulfilment of a Promise given in October last year.

The Committee to meet on Monday Oct. 5th.

Tom P. Martin.

October 5th 1885

Meeting held Mr. Martin in the Chair.

Attendance moderate.

Resolved. That Mr. J. Potter be requested to retain the office of Treasurer.

The Secretary reported that no favourable replies to hand respecting the Secretary.

Tom P. Martin.

Monday November 2nd. 1885.

Ordinary Meeting of the Committee.

Present. Messrs. Martin, Barnes, Jackson, Penn, Lattimer, Hodgson and Bland.

The Secretary submitted letters from the Bishop of Carlisle, Dr. Henderson stating their inability to deliver a lecture this season. Mr. Lawson Esq. and J.E. Robertson Esq. consented to deliver a lecture during the season.

It was also arranged to inaugurate a Mutual Improvement Class as agreed upon at a special Meeting of the Committee and Members.

Mr. Martin kindly consenting to read the First Paper.

A desultory conversation resulted in the Committee deciding to make another addition to the Library. The subject to be brought before the Members at the Quarterly Meeting to be held on the 28th December.

Tom P. Martin.

December 11th 1885

Meeting of the Committee.

Present. Messrs. Martin, Bland, Hodgson, Barnes, Penn, Jackson and Elliott.

The Secretary submitted a letter from Mr. Lawson Esq. in which he consented to deliver a lecture in January next.

At the suggestion of one of the Members of the Committee it was agreed to discontinue Good Words Magazine and take the Quiver?? In its place subject to the approval of the Members at the Quarterly Meeting.

Resolved. That the Xmas No of Illustrated London News be put in the Reading Room.

The necessity of having a Lamp for lighting the entrance to the Hall Mr. Martin kindly undertook to write to Mr. Fisher, Cockermouth respecting his offer of one some time ago through Mr. Lattimer.

Tom P. Martin.

December 28th 1885

The Quarterly Meeting of the Members was held-attendance good.

The Quiver was agreed to be taken in the place of Good Words.

Sale of Papers good. The question of an Entertainment was favourably received by the Members and steps to be taken for carrying out the same.

The Chairman submitted a suggestion from the Committee for increasing the Library. It was agreed to spend about £12 in New Books.

The Chairman and Secretary requested to obtain Catalogues and make the selection of Books. The Members were desired to suggest any Books they considered suitable.

Tom P. Martin.


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