George Moore's Mausoleum

In his Last Will & Testament George Moore expressed his wish for a simple funeral and that his remains be interred in The Mausoleum that belonged to him at AllHallows Parish Church.

 This is all that remains of Old AllHallows Parish Church today.


George Moore and his wives, Eliza and Agnes, are buried in vaults in the mortuary chapel along with other family members. This bust of George Moore sits in a niche in the wall inside the mausoleum.

Plaques on the walls to other family members read:

George, Elder son of William Parkin-Moore, husband of Grace Parkin-Moore nee Arnold Born 20/06/1903 Died 15/04/1935 Interred at Nairobi

William Parkin-Moore of Whitehall Born 12/07/1865 Died 17/07/1937


In remembrance of his first wife, Eliza Flint, George Moore also commissioned the building of a Memorial Fountain in Wigton and this was erected some fourteen years after her death.



 The entrance to George Moore's Mausoleum can be seen in this photo.


The commemorative plaque to George Moore's first wife, Eliza Flint. Born 25th April 1815 Died 4th December 1858, aged 43 years.


The commemmorative plaque to George Moore's second wife, Agnes Jane, daughter of Richard Breeks of Westmoreland.

Born 30th April 1833 Died 30th November 1888, aged 55 years.


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