Fletchertown is a former pit villlage comprising rows of terraced houses. It was built to house workers for the Allhallows Mine which closed in 1927 but employed between four and five hundred people in its heyday around 1896.

New industrial units have been built, notably The George Moore Industrial Estate, on the edge of the village.

Mick Jane who lives in Fletchertown is collating archives for this community and would be pleased to receive any historical information relating to, or old photographs of, Fletchertown. He has written a number of booklets which are available to purchase by post or on-line.

He can be contacted at:    allhallowscentre@hotmail.co.uk

At one time Fletchertown boasted its own shop. There was also a branch of the Aspatria Co-op in Mealsgate


      A Methodist Chapel was built in Fletchertown in 1894.  AllHallows School, now the Community Centre, was also located in Fletchertown.



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