Family Tree - The George Moore Connection

For some considerable time now, I have been attempting to build a Family Tree to show the relationships in George Moore's wider family. I have been assisted in this task by Mr and Mrs Jane, Mrs Jean Scott-Smith and others. Although twice married, George Moore had no children so there are no direct ancestors. However, his wider family is extensive and there are many avenues still unexplored so the Family Tree is growing as more family connections are discovered. As you might imagine, even now the Tree is too large to fit on a single page of this site so it has been built using Family Tree Builder software and published to My Heritage Website which provides a multitude of tools to explore the Tree in some depth and detail.

You can visit the Family Tree entitled 'The George Moore Connection' by clicking here.

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If you are able to assist with the further development of this Family Tree by providing information which will add to, correct or amend what we have built, I'd be pleased to hear from you with details.

Particular areas of interest currently are:

  • How it came about that George Moore's first mother-in-law who was married to John Ray, brother of James Ray, was known as Elizabeth (Eliza) FLINT
  • The family connections between George Moore's mother, Peggy Lowes and Isabella Howe nee Lowes born 1839 died 1912 are for the moment tentative. If anyone can provide confirmation of their accuracy, I'd be most grateful.
  •  If you can help in any way pleae Email

Individual Trees

Descendent Trees of:

Mary Barnes nee Moore

Bowtie Family Chart for:

Eliza Flint Ray

Agnes Jane Breeks

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