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Publications by the Moores

I am aware of just two publications, both privately printed and circulated, one written by George Moore following his visit to America and the other by his second wife. In addition, I recently became aware of the existence of and managed to acquire a book of lectures delivered at the London HQ of Copestake, Moore & Crampton in 1860-61

1.  Voyage across the Atlantic by George Moore, Esq.

2.  Whitehall in Cumberland by Mrs  Agnes Jane Moore

3.  Lectures 1860 - 61 Premises of Copestake Moore & Frampton


   Busts of George Moore, Esq. & Mrs Agnes Jane Moore.  These busts reside in the Community Centre in Fletchertown.

Photographs kindly supplied by Mick Jane

Publications about the Moores

A number of books and articles have been written about George Moore and he receives mention by many authors in a variety of works. 

1. GEORGE MOORE MERCHANT AND PHILANTHROPIST by Samuel Smiles pub. George Routledge 1878

2. SIR TITUS SALT & GEORGE MOORE by James Burnley published Cassell 1885

3. CHRISTIAN WORKERS OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY by G Barnett Smith pub. London Society for promoting Christian knowledge

4. GREAT THINKERS & WORKERS selected and edited by Robert Cochrane pub. W & R Chambers Ltd.

5. GEORGE MOORE PHILANTHROPIST & MAN OF BUSINESS published by The Religious Tract Society.

6. THE HISTORY OF WIGTON by T. W. Carrick pub. Charles Thurnam & Sons, Carlisle

7. THE VERGE OF WESTERN LAKELAND by W. T. Palmer pub. Robert Hale Ltd.

8. BENEATH THE BANNER by F. J. Cross  

9. A CASKET OF CAMEOS by F. W. Boreham Epworth Press London first published 1924.

10. DAILY READINGS from F. W. Boreham Selected and arranged by Frank Cumbers Hodder & Stoughton


12. ST. PANCRAS by Frederick Miller


14. GEORGE MOORE BOOKLETS produced by Mick Jane, local amateur historian and archivist, in aid of Fletchertown Community Centre Funds

Bible donated by George Moore

George Moore and his second wife gave support to the Convalescent Institution in Silloth and George Moore presented a Bible to them on 3rd August 1874 and this is still in use to this very day.

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